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Artist Portfolio - Abstract Expressionist

In the luminous acrylics and collages of Timothy J. Sanchez, a profound mastery of color and high drama vie with a subtly puckish sense of humor and joy. This is the work of a mature artist able to blend the nuances of personal experience with the realities of modem existence. It is work full of energy, fall of action. But the viewer’s epiphany is triggered by the fluidity of his brush and his skill in pulling all the aspects of his art together.

Warren Obluck
Cultural Attaché

I have often been influenced by all of the abstract expressionists. Currently I have been exploring Richard Diebenkorn’s work and I have utilized some of his techniques in my own work. One of my favorite painters is John Singer Sargent an, American artist at the turn of the century, who painted fashionable portraits in Paris and London.

Timothy J Sanchez

When the spirit is upon him, his homely arrangements burst into multifaceted fragments, forms reduced to their most fundamental selves, the whole held together by his remarkably dynamic

Warren Obluck
Cultural Attaché

He succeeds in translating intangible fleeting phenomena into concrete form.

Helen Harrison
New York Time

Sanchez's mixed media pieces and their offshoots, the collages. Sanchez invariably cites Joseph Cornell as his primary inspiration in collage, and that may well be. But the humor and intelligence of Kurt Schwitters would seem to hover over amazing and infinitely complex pieces.

Warren Obluck
Cultural Attaché

As an artist and teacher, Tim Sanchez is one of Vero Beach s most prolific and proficient talents.

Ellen Fischer
Vero Beach Magazine

Timothy J Sanchez – Inspiration

In much of my work I have been influenced by the abstract expressionists.  Recently I have  been exploring Richard Diebenkorn’s work in the same way that French painters used to explore Old Masters in the Louvre.  I have used some of Diebenkorn’s techniques in my own work.  A particular favorite is John Singer Sargent, the American painter at the turn of the 20th Century who painted fashionable portraits in Paris and London: he was both of his time and ahead of it.

Timothy J Sanchez – Being an Artist

To produce work that people want to live with is an honor.  To own that work is a privilege.  To appreciate art is a gift that deepens our humanity and quickens our spirits.

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